Paper Sessions

The review committee received and adopted 37 abstracts to be presented in the parallel sessions. Each topic will have 30 minutes, 20 for presentation and 10 for discussion.

Tuesday 28 June at 14-16

Systematic Ecumenism 1

Room: Main Hall. Moderator: Cyril Hovorun

Harald Hegstad, Baptism as a Participatory Sign: The Ecumenical Potential of the Sacramental Turn in Baptismal Theology. Read abstract

Nathan Smith, The Epistemological Underpinnings of Reception. Read abstract

Bilateral Dialogues 1

Room: Framtiden. Moderator: Jan Eckerdal

Tony Franklin-Ross, Receptive Episcopacy and JDDJ. A Developing Basis for Relationships. Read abstract

John Claydon, The Nature of Oversight: English Baptists and the Question of Bishops. Read abstract

Heta Hurskainen, To Discuss What Is Not Discussed: Orthodox–Lutheran Dialogues and Alternative Anthropologies. Read abstract

Local Experiences of Ecumenism 1

Room: Forum. Moderator: Anders Wejryd

Stefan Zeljkovic, Receptive Ecumenism in the Context of the Yugosphere Today. Read abstract

Anna Ljung, Receptive Ecumenism within Congregations. A Practical Local Example from Gotland, Sweden. Read abstract

Erik Ringheim, When the Legwork Fails. Local Experiences of the Devastating Results of the Lack of (Receptive) Ecumenism. Read abstract

Spiritual Ecumenism

Room: Toleransen. Moderator: Cheryl Johns

Emil M Marginean: Towards a Model of Ecumenical ’Asceticism’ in Sophrony Sakharov and Basil Pennington. Read abstract

Paul Lakeland, Discernment: A Spirituality of Receptive Ecumenism. Read abstract

Vera La Mela, Calls for Spiritual Ecumenism in Pre-Conciliar Italy. Read abstract

Receptive Ecumenism in Contemporary Society

Room: Karaktären. Moderator: Ann Aldén

Anna Trônet, Church Law as an Instrument for Ecumenism. The Christian Law Initiative. Read abstract

Cecilia Melder: Existential Intervention in a Secular, though Multi-Religious, Context. Read abstract

Victoria Anne Turner, Kenotic Receptive Ecumenism in the Context of Palestine. Read abstract

Mission and Community

Room: Tacksamheten. Moderator: Risto Jukko

Callan Slipper, Receptive Ecumenism and Mission: Transformed Ecumenism for Transformed Societies. Read abstract

Milutin Janjic, St. Herman of Alaska in Dialogue with Contemporary American Christian Identity. Read abstract

Elizabeth Welch, Koinonia: Ecumenical Transformation through Participation in the Koinonia of God, Leading to the Sharing of Koinonia amongst God’s People in the World. Read abstract

Interfaith Dialogues.

Room: Insikten. Moderator: Peniel Rajkumar

Clare Amos, Christian Relationships with Judaism as Challenge and Tool for Receptive Ecumenism: Touchstone and Transformation. Read abstract

Pradip Bansrior, Dalit Christians and Caste System in India: A Challenge. Read abstract

Wednesday 29 June at 14-16

Systematic Ecumenism 2

Room: Main Hall. Moderator: Susan Durber

Michael Nausner: Becoming through Participation: Flourishing Together at Multiple Boundaries. Read abstract

Arne Fritzson, Disability as an Ecumenical Concern. Read abstract

Diane Ryan, ‘Mutual Flourishing’ in the Church of England: Present Reality or Future Hope? Read abstract

Systematic Ecumenism 3

Room: Toleransen. Moderator: Risto Saarinen

Sven Thore Kloster, Theological Plurality and the Art of Disagreement. Read abstract

Elizabeth Smith Woodard, Receptive Ecumenism and Cruciform Ecumenism in Dialogue. Read abstract

Bilateral Dialogues 2

Room: Framtiden. Moderator: Minna Hietamäki

Cristina Grenholm, Johannes Zeiler, Ulrik Josefsson, The Spirit as Separating and Uniting. Read abstract

Dominic Robinson, The Development of Receptive Ecclesiological Thinking and Vision of John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis. Read abstract

Local Experiences of Ecumenism 2

Room: Forum. Moderator: Sofia Camnerin

Joan Patricia Back, Transforming Ecumenism through an Ecumenism of the People. Read abstract

Heikki Repo, Reclaiming the Spirit: Reception of BEM as the Starting Point for Rethinking Eucharist in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Read abstract

Receptive Ecumenism, Listening, and the Practice of Building Peace

Room: Karaktären. Moderator: Cecilia Melder

Åsa Nausner: Poetry from the Hood – a Challenge to the Swedish Society. Transformative Listening at Inter-Cultural and Inter-Religious Borders. Read abstract

Margaret R Rose: Bonds of Difference: Listening for Gifts of Others. Read abstract

Antoine Arjakovsky: Receptive Ecumenism and Peacebuilding between Russia and Ukraine through Icons. Read abstract

Ecumenical Practices.

Room: Tacksamheten. Moderator: Ivana Noble

Doral Marguerite Hayes, Searching for Deeper Unity: Towards a Theology of Relational Receptive Ecumenism through the experience of interchurch families. Read abstract

Ray Temmerman, Receiving the Gift: Interchurch Families as Ecumenical Ground and Resource. Read abstract

Hans Andreasson, Ecumenical Transition. A Conversion from Bewilderment to Hospitality: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Transitions of the Ecumenical Landscape in Gästrikland, Sweden, 1945—2010. Read abstract