Presentation of conference hosts


The Sigtuna Foundation is a private cultural foundation whose principle aim is to inspire human thought and reflection. Founded in 1915, it grew out of a student movement that sought to revitalize both the Church of Sweden and the society at large by fostering a dialogue between religion, science, culture and art. Today, the Sigtuna Foundation offers an open space for people of different backgrounds, traditions and viewpoints who wish to learn from one another in an atmosphere of mutual respect. The Foundation operates as a hotel and conference center as well as a center for education, research and cultural programs.



The Christian Council of Sweden was founded in 1992, as a new national ecumenical organisation in Sweden. It had a broad member base and different tasks compared to its predecessor the Ecumenical Committee of Sweden, founded in 1933.

The Council has 26 member churches and three observing members. They reflect the various Christian traditions in Sweden. The churches meet within the Christian Council to share experiences and coordinate joint projects. All churches have their own identity and priorities. However, faith can also unite and challenge.

Showing Christian unity, through the representation of all member churches, is a vital component in the work of the Christian Council of Sweden. This is displayed when we are in contact with governmental institutions, the parliament and civil society. Cooperation on an international level is mainly done through the Conference of European Churches and the World Council of Churches. The Christian Councils of the Nordic countries also cooperate which each other.

Our motto is “Churches together in faith and action”


UNIVERSITY COLLEGE STOCKHOLM (Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm)

University College Stockholm consists of two research-oriented schools, the Stockholm School of Human Rights and Stockholm School of Theology. The later consists of two departments, the Department of Religious Studies and Theology and the Department of Eastern Christian Studies. The overall purpose is to foster outstanding research and education of the highest quality and to interact in various ways with Church and Society. Our most valuable asset is our students who, with their willingness to develop and learn, make Stockholm School of Theology one of Scandinavia’s prominent theological schools.