Karin Johannesson

Karin Johannesson is bishop in the diocese of Uppsala since 2019. St. Mary´s Church in Sigtuna, where the opening service will be celebrated, belongs to her pastoral area. Johannesson is associate professor in philosophy of religion at the Faculty of Theology, Uppsala University. Before she was consecrated, she held a position as lecturer at the Department of Theology, Uppsala University, and was regularly teaching courses in philosophy of religion and systematic theology.

Her research is mainly dedicated to questions concerning philosophy of language and spirituality. Her doctoral dissertation from 2002 is available in English; God pro Nobis. On Non-Metaphysical Realism and the Philosophy of Religion (Peeters 2007). Her recent publications include Helgelsens filosofi. Om andlig träning i luthersk tradition (Verbum 2014; summarized in English in ”The Holy Spirit and Lutheran Spirituality in the 21st Century”, Seminary Ridge Review, Gettysburg, 2016) and Thérèse och Martin. Karmel och reformationen i nytt ljus (Artos 2018; summarized in English in ”Carmelite Teachers and Lutheran Doctrine in Postmodern Sweden”; a lecture held at the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg in June 2019, forthcoming in print when time permits).