Ivana Noble

Ivana Noble (1966) is a professor of Ecumenical Theology at Charles University in Prague, currently a director of the Ecumenical Institute at its Protestant Faculty. She is a priest in the Hussite Church, and a former president of Societas Oecumenica. For five years she was in charge of a research project investigating Orthodox Theology in the West, currently she leads a project Theological Anthropology in Ecumenical Perspective.

She is author of Essays in Ecumenical Theology (English, Brill, 2019); Theological Interpretation of Culture in Post-Communist Context(English, Ashgate, 2010); Tracking God: Theology as an Interpretation of Religious Experience (Czech CDK, 2004; English Wipf and Stock, 2010); Accounts of Hope: A Problem of Method in Postmodern Apologia (English, Peter Lang, 2001); and a co-author of Ways of Orthodox Theology to the West in the 20th Century (Czech, CDK, 2012; English, SVS,  2015,  Russian, BBI,  2016); Wrestling with the Mind of the Fathers in (Post) Modern Orthodox Theology (English, SVS, 2015); and The Many Voices of the 20th Century Orthodox Theology in the West (Czech, CDK, 2015, Russian, BBI, 2019).