Björn Asserhed



Mission and formation in the post-secular city

My dissertation project is investigating ”church planting” in Swedish cities. Church planting, the starting of new faith communities, is a practice that can be performed from different missiological motives. 

The urban city is a post-secular geographical space of political, cultural and theological negotiation. New churches are conceptualised as places of forming, de-forming and re-forming of identities and views, in the middle of the city. 

With this as a background, I am asking questions like: 

  • How do the planters view their ’going abouts’ in the city, and what do they actually do?
  • How are new people involved and formed towards a Christian faith and identity in the new communities?
  • How are the new communities negotiating with the modern and post-secular context?

The project uses theological ethnography, field research in three different church plants to analyse and describe the practices and propose theologies for Christian mission and formation in the post-secular city.