Antonia Pizzey

Dr Antonia Pizzey is a lecturer in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, Australian Catholic University. Her most recent works include the book Receptive Ecumenism and the Renewal of the Ecumenical Movement: The Path of Ecclesial Conversion (Leiden: Brill, 2019) and book chapter “Receptive Ecumenical Learning: A Constructive Way of Approaching Ecclesial Identity and Renewal,” in Receptive Ecumenism: Listening, Learning and Loving in the Way of Christ, ed. Geraldine Hawkes and Vicky Balabanski (Hindmarsh, SA: ATF Press, 2018).

She was also a keynote speaker at the Fourth Receptive Ecumenism conference in Canberra in 2017. She is particularly interested in the connection between Receptive Ecumenism and Spiritual Ecumenism.