Orthodox Faith: Contemporary life

The Orthodox Churches with their strong connection to history and tradition are also living agents in modern society. In this course the ecclesial dimension of the Church will be introduced. Students will adress aspects such as liturgical participation and parish work, church organization, as well as inter-orthodox relationships and canon law. In the midst of contemporary life the church is constantly challenged to respond to the “new” world. Some of these challenges will be identified, such as changing moral values,  and migration within contemporary churches.  

At the end of the course the student is expected to:

  • describe common challenges faced by Orthodox churches as relates to organization, migration and changing moral values 
  • identify basic principles and concepts that relate to how the church organizes itself both locally and internationally  
  • determine the task of canon law 
  • relate liturgy and prayer to church organization and canon law

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Articles could be added by the teacher


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