M.Th. Thesis

By the end of the course the student is expected to: 

  • in the form of a thesis project, independently, critically and systematically treat and handle a qualified problem or a qualified issue within the research field of ​​religious studies and theology.
  • critically, creatively and systematically be able to identify, formulate and solve a qualified scholarly problem relevant to the subject
  • demonstrate a significant, in-depth ability to choose and defend an adequate theoretic and methodological approach based on a chosen problem
  • be able to collect, evaluate, analyze and critically and creatively interpret complex material in accordance with scholarly practice, draw well-balanced conclusions, and critically discuss the meaning of the results
  • demonstrate the ability to critically and creatively draw conclusions in relation to relevant scholarly, societal and ethical aspects
  • be able to present their conclusions, as well as the knowledge and the arguments on which these are based, in a scholarly text that is well-structured, formally correct and linguistically clear
  • acquire the ability to carry out a qualified research task within given time frames and to evaluate this work
  • be able to communicate and defend their thesis and function as an opponent in relation to another thesis, and contribute with qualified views in scholarly discussions both in national and international contexts
  • show insight into the possibilities and limitations of scholarly knowledge, and to identify the need for additional knowledge.


Reservation för revidering av litteraturen.

LLiterature will be assigned based on student individual approaches, types and scopes of thesis topics.

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Grant White

Teol. dr, högskolelektor



A = Framstående, B = Mycket bra, C = Bra, D = Tillfredsställande, E = Tillräcklig, Fx = Otillräcklig, komplettering möjlig, F = Otillräcklig


  • Uppsats

At least 60 credits in Theology in Second Cycle, whereof at least 30 credits in second cycle within the subject of the intended Master exam.