Master’s Program in Eastern Christian Studies, Distance Education

The 60-credit master’s degree program (Swedish: magister degree) is an advanced, one-year degree which allows students to gain a deeper understanding of Eastern Christian churches and develop the necessary critical and research skills to pursue further studies at doctoral level in Sweden. The education also provides the student with knowledge and skills that are valued by professional groups where knowledge of religion and understanding of social and existential questions are important, for example in religious organizations, the media and education. It can also form part of vocational preparation for pastors, priests and teachers.

The one-year master’s degree (Swedish: magisterexamen) includes a 15-credit master’s thesis on a specialized area of study that students write in the second semester.

Michael Hjälm

Prefekt Avdelningen för Östkyrkliga studier, Teol.dr, högskolelektor, Teol. dr, högskolelektor Campus Södertälje

To be eligible for the program, an applicant must either have a bachelor’s degree in theology/religious studies, comprising 180 ECTS credits, or a degree in another subject which includes Religious Studies or Theological courses worth at least 60 credits, including a thesis worth at least 15 credits. At least 15 credits should be in Eastern Christian studies or equivalent subject areas. Students with other relevant subjects or an equivalent foreign degree may be admitted based on individual assessment and examination.

Fastställd av Ämnesföreträdarkollegiet vid Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm den 20 mars 2019.