Rites of Initiation: Baptism, Anointing, Eucharist

How does the church make Christians? This is a question that has theological, ecclesial, liturgical, pastoral, cultural, missional, and pedagogical significance for the Eastern Christian churches today. In this course, students will study the rites of initiation of the Coptic, Syriac, Ethio-Eritrean, and Byzantine traditions, from historical-liturgical, theological, pastoral, and missional perspectives. The goal of the course is to provide students with a thorough foundation in the historical, theological, pastoral, and missional dimensions of the churches’ rites of initiation in the 21st century.

At the end of the course, the student is expected to be able to:

  • Outline the historical and theological development of eastern Christian rites of initiation;
  • Employ historical, theological, and pastoral approaches in the analysis of their chosen tradition’s rites of initiation;
  • Utilize their historical and theological knowledge to identify critically discuss the theological, pastoral, and liturgical problems around the celebration of the rites of initiation in the 21st century, especially in the diaspora
  • Using the knowledge gained in this and previous courses, critically assess from a pastoral, liturgical, ritual and theological perspective the practice of the rites of initiation in a chosen Eastern Christian tradition today

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N.B. The instructor reserves the right to make alterations and additions to the list of required course literature.

Mikhail, Ramez. The Birth from on High: Reflections on the Spirituality and History of Baptism from the Monastery of St. Macarius. Agora Press: 2020. 146 pp.

Johnson, Maxwell. The Rites of Christian Initiation: Their Evolution and Interpretation. Liturgical Press: 2007. 536pp.

Schmemann, Alexander. Of Water and the Spirit: A Liturgical Study of Baptism. SVS Press: 1997. 170pp.

Fritsch, Emmanuel. Turning Everyday to Aksum Ṣeyon Unaware: King Zar’a Yā‘eqob’s Kehedata Sayṭān identified in the first prayer of the day”. Annales de Éthiopie 28 (2013): 363-372. https://www.persee.fr/doc/ethio_0066-2127_2013_num_28_1_1542.

Brock, Sebastian. The Holy Spirit in the Syrian Baptismal Tradition. Gorgias Eastern Christian Studies. Gorgias Press: 2013. 216 pp.

Fritsch, Emmanuel. The Ritual of Baptism of the Ethiopian Church including the Sacraments of Initiation of Baptism, Chrism, Eucharist, with Synopsis of Sources (Arba-Minch, 1997, pro manuscripto), 35pp.

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Grant White

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A = Framstående, B = Mycket bra, C = Bra, D = Tillfredsställande, E = Tillräcklig, Fx = Otillräcklig, komplettering möjlig, F = Otillräcklig


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  • Seminarier

60 credits in Theology, including 30 credits from Introductory courses, and the courses Text, Context and Interpretation of life 15 credits, and History of Eastern Christianity (Intermediate level) 7,5 credits or equivalent.

Alternatively: 60 credits in Theology: Theology, introductory courses, 30 credits, the courses Text, kontext och livstolkning/Text, Context and Interpretation of life 15 credits and Teologi, religion och kyrka i Sverige/Theology, Religion and Churches in Sweden 15 hp, or eqvivalent.

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