Political Theologies in Orthodox Christianity, Distance Education

The relationships between the Church and the State, between the realm of politics and the realm of faith, have been reflected upon from the earliest times of Christianity. This gave rise to a variety of ’political theologies,’ i.e. theological reflections upon the meaning of the socio-political sphere and the ways in which Christian faith can be related to/reconciled with the sphere of politics. Students will learn about both traditional and contemporary Orthodox theological approaches to the socio-political sphere, and the ways in which they can be related to similar discourses developed in the West.

At the end of the course, the student is expected to be able to:

  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of the major approaches in the field of Orthodox political theology, both traditional and contemporary
  • Critically examine theological approaches to the socio-political sphere
  • Compare and contrast Orthodox political theologies to the broader social, cultural and ideological contexts in which they evolved
  • Produce relevant arguments concerning the relationship between the political sphere and (Orthodox) Christianity

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A = Framstående, B = Mycket bra, C = Bra, D = Tillfredsställande, E = Tillräcklig, Fx = Otillräcklig, komplettering möjlig, F = Otillräcklig


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  • Seminarier

A Bachelor’s degree in Theology (equivalent to the Swedish Kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognized university. Proficiency in English through an internationally recognized test, e. g. TOEFL, IELTS, or the equivalent.

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