Writing workshop

Writing workshop online

The writing workshop is a teacher-led workshop which aims to help you develop your writing skills for the different types of assignments you will be required to write at EHS.

Writing Workshop Spring 2021 (Mondays)

The writing workshop remains active through Zoom.

If you would like to join please register by email at kursadministrator@ehs.se. You will then be admitted to the course “Skrivarverkstaden” in Canvas and will receive an invitation to the meetings. You must reply to the invitation to be admitted to the meeting. You will also find there all the meeting dates with the Zoom link for that meeting.

Kl 13:00–14:30:
This meeting is open to all students

January: 25
February: 8, 22
March: 8, 29
April: 6, 19
May: 3, 17, 31

Kl 15.00-16.30:

Students who have certificates of special needs will meet on the same day but at a later time:15.00-16.30. You will need to book an individual time with Johnny Jonsson johnny.jonsson@ehs.se. You must also register your interest to kursadministrator@ehs.se so you will be admitted to the course and receive an invitation (that you must accept). Since you will book individual appointments with Johnny Jonsson, these Zoom meetings are not given a set date and time. You will see them labelled as “recurring”. You click on that link and you will be admitted to the meeting at the time you have booked.

Reading, thinking and writing is a complex and creative process that takes time and requires continual practice. In the writing workshop, you will get the opportunity to talk about your experiences, and can get advice and guidance to better formulate and express your insights and ideas in writing.

For each of the courses at EHS, there are various written tasks that must be done by the specified times. How the tasks should be presented is explained to course participants and they are read and assessed by the teacher responsible for that course. In the writing workshop, you have the opportunity to discuss different methods and approaches for completing these different tasks. We place special emphasis on language and style, which are important for structure and clarity in written academic texts.