Students with a disability

If you experience difficulties in your studies due to a permanent disability, or have reading and writing difficulties, you can receive educational support in your studies. Contact the coordinator at the College when you apply for a program or course if you need support.

Here’s how to apply for the support, read the instructions first:

Examples of educational support

  • support in notetaking in lectures
  • talking books from the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, MTM
  • Modifications of examinations, such as extended examination time, individual examination with a computer.

If you do have a temporary injury or illness, you are not eligible for educational support.

Speech synthesis ReadSpeaker and ReadSpeaker TextAid in Canvas course websites.

Speech synthesis software is installed in Canvas so that you can listen to teachers’ instructions and the content of documents. Instructions in Swedish (pdf)

Speech synthesis TorTalk

EHS has a license for the speech synthesis program TorTalk and you can access the program for free on your own computer. TorTalk is easy and convenient to use and is also available on our exam computers and in the library. Contact the coordinator and you will receive download information. For contact information see below.

Tips on apps and other aids

There are many good tips at


If you have a disability that makes your studies more difficult, you can in some cases receive study grants for a higher study rate than your actual study rate. Read more about this onCSN’s website

Special Needs Coordinator

Special needs coordinator at Stockholm School of Theology
Henrik Hannfors,
08-564 357 25,

UCS Quality Action Plan can be found here (pdf)