Membership in the Student Union

As a new student at EHS, you automatically become a member of SEHS – the Student Union at Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm. Membership is free. If you want to leave the union, you can write an email to and we will cancel your membership.

The existence of a student union is important to ensure that the students’ viewpoint is represented. Therefore, there are representatives of the student union on the EHS board and in the various subject collegia at the school.

Through the student union, you are also a member of SFS, Sweden’s United Student Unions, which monitors student issues at the national level, and SSCO, the Stockholm Student Central Organization, which does the same at the local level.

Your membership contributes a great deal to all of this.

Student ID / discount card

Since Autumn 2021, the student union at EHS no longer distributes Studentkortet to students.
You can apply for a discount card from Studentkortet and from Mecenat.