Contact the student union management

Feel free to email us at the union committee if you have suggestions for improvements and/or views on teaching and the study environment or suggestions for activities.

The student union management committee


Chair: Oskar Skäremo
Vice chair: Jeanette Erixon

Secretary: Caroline Brorson
Treasurer: Jeanette Erixon

Student safety representative: Eva Kristina Borgkrans

Representative in the subject collegium: Katja Stroeven
Representative to the HRD collegium: Linn Vallerius
Representative in the collegium for systematic theology and Church history: Viktoria Magnusson
Representative in the collegium for practical theology and behavioural science: Jessica Sunnerdahl
Representative in the collegium for biblical studies and Church history: Aron Petersson
Representative for Eastern Christian studies: Alan Shiyar

Representative for T1: Anton Runemar
Representative for HRD1: Vacant