The web schedule contains all the times for lectures lessons in the course and the opportunity to make other selections.

Subject to change.

Build your own schedule
Spring term 2024 (link)

Instructions: Find your own schedule

In order to build your own schedule, you start by searching for your own courses by selecting “Courses” and typing the course code or any part of the course name in the search box. Click on the correct courses in the box “Search results”, so that they are collected in “My choices” on the right. Then click on “Show schedule” to see the result. You can also search on a schedule for a specific group, a specific employee or a specific location. If you click on the magnifying glass without putting anything in the search box you will see all courses and locations and you can select the one you want.

To customize how the schedule is displayed, click on the crossed keys at the top right or switch between text schedule (list) and graphic schedule through the link at the bottom right, or switch between Swedish and English through the link at the top right. To subscribe to the schedule in your own electronic calendar, click on the calendar (“17”) at the top right, select the time and follow the instructions.