eduID, Ladok, Canvas

University College Stockholm is connected to the national grading system LADOK where courses and grades are registered. We also use the Canvas learning platform for course homepages where you can find general information about the course, see and submit assignments and find the course literature. It is essential therefore for all students to be able to log in to both Ladok and Canvas. Unless you do so, you will not be able to participate in your course or program.

To log in to Ladok and Canvas, students with a Swedish personal identification number should first obtain an eduID. This is a digital identification system. Gaining an eduID can take one or two weeks so it is essential that you register with eduID as soon as possible after acceptance. Details of how you apply can be found below.

If you do not have a Swedish personal identification number you cannot obtain an eduID and you will need to register for Ladok and Canvas through the course administrator which you should do as soon as possible after confirmation of your place (