Online platforms – FAQ

You log in to Ladok using your eduID credentials at

You create your eduID account at To find answers to your questions about eduID visit their FAQ

Here you can find the instruction on how to create eduID.

To get your eduID status to 100%, you need to verify your phone number, email address and personal number. If you have a Swedish telephone contract for you personally (that isn’t hidden), you have a Swedish personal number and you are registered at a Swedish address, you can verify your personal number with your telephone. Otherwise, eduID needs to send a letter to your registered address. It can take up to a week for the letter to arrive, and then you only have one week to use the code, so do not miss that letter. To verify your eduID then, follow the instructions in Step 3 in the guide which you will find here

If you need help with registration you can read more here.

If you have created an eduID, but still cannot log in to Ladok or Canvas, it is likely that you have not completed all the verification steps on your eduID account. You need to verify your phone number, email address and personal number for your eduID to work.

To check if this is the problem, log in to your eduID, i.e. go to
and select “Log in”. You must now verify your identity. Follow the instructions from point 3 of the guide which you will find HERE

Only after you have verified your account is your eduID ready to use.

If you fail repeatedly to log in, your web browser may remember that and keep you on the wrong track. In that case, it helps to try again in a private window (incognito window). You do that by press ctrl–shift-N or command–shift–N, or by selecting ”New private window” or ”New incognito window” from the File menu or the meny behind three small dots in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window. Open such a window, and go to to log in.

Do you need a certificate of registration or of your results? In most cases, you can get them yourself directly from LADOK. Read HERE (Swedish only) how to do it.

Results are visible in Ladok as soon as the person grading your work has entered them. Sometimes it can take a few days from the time you are notified of a grade in Canvas until it is registered in Ladok. Sometimes it is not registered in Ladok until the end of your course or module. Talk to your teacher about what is applicable to your course.

When grades have been registered in Ladok, you will receive a notification that there are results to download and you can then log in and check for yourself.

If you cannot obtain an eduID because you do not have a Swedish personal number, contact the course administrator via for help.

Results from courses before 2007 are not entered in Ladok. If you need a certificate for older courses which ended before 2007, contact the course administrator at

Your qualifications at are automatically updated from Ladok, but only if you currently have an application open there. Read more at

If Ladok has the wrong information about which courses you are taking or have taken, contact your student counsellor.

For help installing the Canvas app on your telephone read more here

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, try to contact course administrator Bjørg Farstad or your student counsellor.

Ladok Accessibility statement (in Swedish. It will shortly be translated to English).