Welcome from the President

Bild på rektor Owe Kennerberg

A warm welcome as a student at our school! You have made a good choice and those of us who work at UCS are happy that you have chosen to study with us. Here you will meet some of the country’s foremost experts in their respective subjects. We are passionate about our fields of interest and we expect a lot from you as a student with us. You will get so much more if you invest wholeheartedly in your studies. Also, do get involved in the student union so that you can have a say in the student life at UCS and to make your study time as rewarding as possible.

Theology, human rights, and democracy are about the basic conditions and issues of our lives. It is becoming clearer than ever how religion – for better or worse – plays an important, perhaps decisive, role in many situations within our society and that democratic values, as well as human rights, are now being questioned and sidelined in societies where we once thought that they were firmly entrenched. With us, you will deepen your knowledge of and develop competence concerning some of today’s most vital and urgent issues.

You are starting your studies with us during a very unusual time when we are in the middle of a global pandemic. This affects us all, wherever we are. At the university we have had to cancel our welcome and graduation ceremonies, as well as other public events. Nevertheless, please be assured that we are doing our utmost to ensure that in spite of these restrictions your time of study here with us will be as fulfilling and rewarding as possible

Owe Kennerberg