Master Student Reports – Human Rights

During the course Human Rights and Democracy Clinic Part II, students on the masters program work in small sub-groups to plan and execute a project of relevance for human rights and democracy.

The course provides an in-depth view of some of the methods and theories that inform the practical work of advancing human rights and democracy at different levels of society. It includes a set of workshops where students will develop transferable skills like project planning, information gathering, analysis, report writing and oral presentation.

The project materializes in a larger report that documents a current issue with relevance for the field of study. Reports emphasize the interplay between theory and practice, and especially how the interpretation of central concepts, legal frameworks and social processes shape what are considered as relevant problems and measures in the advancement of human rights and democracy.

Student Reports 2024

  • Exploring Gender Inequality within the Workplace: A Human Rights Analysis of the Gender Pay Gap and the Motherhood Penalty
    Sidsel Genet Christensen
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  • How Insecurity of Life Undermines Human Rights in Nigeria
    Rasul Mirzoev, Christian Chidebe Ezenwa
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  • Insights on Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation. German and Tunisian Case Studies
    Nourjahen Jemaa, Saskia Ullius
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  • The right to maternal health: Case studies of Nepal and Sri Lanka
    Jasmina Shrestha, Malmi Mendis, Don Sahan Harshana
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  • Unveiling Injustice: Analysis of Human Rights Violations Against the LGBTQ+ Community in Iran
    Albert Smith
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Interviews with students

Sidsel Genet Christensen – interview answers
Rasul Mirzoev, Christian Chidebe Ezenwa – interview answers
Nourjahen Jemaa, Saskia Ullius – interview answers
Jasmina Shrestha – interview answers
Don Sahan Harshana – interview answers
Albert Smith – interview answers
Malmi Mendis – interview answers

  • Barriers to Education for Individuals with Disabilities in Nepal: Exploring Challenges and Assessing Inclusive Education Strategies
    Ashish Singh
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  • Female Genital Mutilation in Uganda
    Beatrice Costelius, Glades Khajik, Shweta Shweta
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  • Human rights defenders in China and Hong Kong
    Clara Forssén, Lavin Bahzad, Stephanie Egbuniwe, Yishak Worku
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  • Pictures of children in aid advertising
    Karin Andersen
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  • The Impact of Covid-19 on Garment Workers’ lives in Bangladesh
    Solnara Aktar, Hanna Harrsjö, Abdul Rehman
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  • The National Green Tribunal of India
    Karmapriya Muschött
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  • Vani: a forced marriages to settle disputes
    Inzamam ul Haque
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  • Women Human Rights Defenders in Colombia – Current Challenges and Necessities
    Elpida Rerra, Fatenah Maqboul, Karin Evars, June Ver F. Mangao
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  • Civil and political rights in Rwanda (freedom of association and expression)
    Gisele Follyvi, Thomas Okodi. Amanda Lennartsson Olsson
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  • The compulsory hijab in the Islamic republic of Iran
    Sanna Anehagen, Sirine Ameur, Maria Kjellgren, Johanna Palmgren
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  • Women’s Health: The Delivery Ward in Stockholm
    A. Lenander, L. Carlbom, M. Johansson, S. Lind, V. Apelthun
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  • Compulsory Hijab in Iran: Women’s Choice or State’s Demand?
    Alireza Asgari
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  • Child Marriage in Mozambique
    Emma Heinonen, Louise Lindfors, Sinead Sammy
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  • “Lack of education, Lack of future” The barriers and challenges for Afghan children’s education in Iran
    Tannaz Horri Farahani, Ana Maria Uribe, Litta Marak Sandra, Gerardo Vasquez, Hodan Abdi
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Interviews with students

Alireza Asgari – interview answers
Ami Giselle Follyvi – interview answers
Tannaz Horri Farahani – interview answers
Maria Kjellgren – interview answers
Amanda Lennartsson Olsson – interview answers
Sara Lindh – interview answers
Thomas Okodi – interview answers
Emma Heinonen, Louise Lindfors, Sinead Sammy – interview answers