Other international partners

UCS has contacts with several other institutions around the world. Below is a list of such institutions. It is not possible here to describe what form of contact might be available with each one. But UCS ‘ambition is to try to help so you who would like to have contact with any of these do not hesitate to get in touch.

Dep. of Religion and Theology, University of the Western Cape,
Cape Town, South Africa
Receives students for field studies or one-semester courses.
Myanmar Institute of Theology, Yangon, Burma
Since 2002, EHS has worked closely with MIT in Burma (officially Myanmar).
Protestant University of Congo Kinshasa, Congo Kinshasa
Receives students for field studies or one-semester courses.
Turku Akademy, Finland
EHS har samarbetsavtal med Åbo Akademi där man kan bedriva studier på kandidat-, master- och doktorsnivå.
New York Theological Seminary, New York, USA
In partnership with local churches in Manhattan, the seminary offers evening and weekend courses for pastors and other church members. During the day, the student can participate as a volunteer in churches and various aid organizations, choose the environment for study visits that can apply to churches with different cultural backgrounds or different social projects.
Reutlingen Theological College, Germany
Accepts students who have a working knolwedge of German.
Dili Institute of Technology, Social Science ProgramDili, Östtimor
Universidad Javeriana, BogotaColombia

UCS’s international program
Bjørg Farstad, bjorg.farstad@ehs.se