UCS international program

The University College has established contact with several Universities and Theological Schools in other parts of the world. Those who have completed at least two years of study (120 credits) have the opportunity to study for a semester at a university in another country and get credit for these studies in your study program at UCS. UCS can offer or arrange scholarships for this.

EHS har avtal med några lärosäten där du kan läsa en termin och tillgodoräkna studierna i din utbildning vid EHS. För detta kan högskolan erbjuda eller förmedla vissa stipendier.

Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, USA
The Candler School of Theology is part of Emory University, located in a beautiful setting outside of downtown Atlanta. The University is one of the top 20 universities in the United States and one of 13 seminaries and universities affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Here you can take courses in both MRI and Theology.

Emory University Institute of Human Rights, Atlanta, USA
Here you can pursue Human Rights studies at Emory University.

North Park Theological Seminary, North Park University, Chicago, USA
North Park Seminary is part of North Park University. At North Park, pastors and church members are trained within the Evangelical Covenant Church, a sister Church to the Swedish Mission Church.

Union Theological Seminary (UTS), Manila, Filippinerna 
Since the 1990s, UCS has had teacher and student exchanges with UTS, which is an ecumenical theological seminary near the capital, Manila. It is possible to study here for one semester.

Wesley Theological SeminaryWashington DC, USA
Wesley Seminary is affiliated with United Methodist Church, but has students from more than 30 different denominations. Located here also is the Henry Luce Center for the Arts and Religion.

Turku Academy, Turku, Finland
Turku Academy is Finland’s only Swedish language university. The research at the Academy is diverse, with a focus on, among other things, minorities. During its first hundred years, the University has grown into an internationally recognized research center, with a unique role as the bridge between the Finnish University world and the rest of the Nordic region.

Congregational Faculty (MF), Oslo, Norway
The Oslo Congregational Faculty (Menighetsfakultet) is an accredited university. MF was opened in 1908 and is today the country’s largest theological educational institutions with approximately 100 employees and about 1200 students on bachelor’s, magister’s and master’s programs and approx. 60 students in the doctoral program.

UCS’s international program
Bjørg Farstad, bjorg.farstad@ehs.se