CSN and study funding

Studies at EHS are eligible for funding from CSN.
CSN will be notified of your registration at EHS via Ladok.

Apply for study funding

  • Apply well in advance. If you are going to read a whole program, it is best to apply for support for one full academic year at a time.
  • In order to receive study funding, you must register for the courses you start. When the semester ends, you must have registered for the same number of weeks and points as stated in your study funding decision.
  • Apply at CSN

If you finish or interrupt your studies: Always report to CSN!

If you cancel your studies or take a study break, you are no longer entitled to study support. Therefore, it is important that you inform CSN as soon as possible, but at the latest within a week of the date you stop studying. Future payments will be stopped so you don’t have to pay back any money. However, you may retain the money you have received up until the break. Read more on CSN

If you or your relatives fall ill report the sickness to the Social Insurance Office!

It is important to report sickness to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringkassan) when you receive study support from CSN so that you can keep your grants and loans while you are sick. CSN can also take into account that you have been ill when looking at your study results. You must therefore register as soon as possible, preferably the first day you are ill. Read more on CSN’s website.

There is no obligation to report illness to EHS, but it is good that the teacher is notified of your absence and the reason for it. Teachers’ email addresses can be found under Contact, but messages can also be sent via Canvas. All teaching at EHS is compulsory – see further on this page under the heading “Teaching”.