Campus Södertälje

Campus Södertälje – Sankt Ignatios College has teaching space and office in Sankta Maria Church (Antiochan Church in Sweden) premises in Nyköpingsvägen in Södertälje since winter 20/21. This huge building, which was formerly a Baptist Church, will allow students from different backgrounds to meet and get to know one another.


Campus Södertälje – Sankt Ignatios College offers a wonderful context for learning. Upstairs the students will find a number of modern and well-equipped classrooms. In addition to the usual spaces for recreation and fika there will soon be a cafe, open to students staff and the public, where students can buy soft drinks tea, coffee and light meals. The large and beautiful Church which is located on the ground floor, is a living place of worship used regularly by a large and active Church Orthodox community and open for personal reflection and prayer throughout the day.


Campus Södertälje – Sankt Ignatios College is near the centre of town where students can find a wide range of restaurants and cafes many of whom serve meditteranean and Near Eastern menus. There is easy access to the commuter train network with direct trains into Stockholm.The station is 3 minutes away!


Parking in Södertälje is only possible in public parking areas and drivers are responsible for the payment of the necessary parking fees. It is usually possible to park in these spaces all day.