Campus Bromma


Acknowledgment of key

All students at EHS who want to stay in the premises when the front doors are locked must collect a key tag that acts as a key. This key tag is available, for a fee (50kr) from the library staff from Mon-Fri 10.00-11.30 (or at other times by agreement).
Library’s contact details: / phone number: 08-564 357 25.
(Geniror’s contact details: phone number: 08-564 357 14)

Food and coffee

Lunch times and coupons

The restaurant is open 11.30-13.00. The cost of lunch is SEK 95 (95 Kronor). Food vouchers are sold in booklets of 10 for 750 SEK (750 Kronor).
Coffee is served in the restaurant in the mornings at 9.30-10.30 and afternoons 14.00-15.00.
Please note that the restaurant is closed when the folkhögskola has holidays: sportlov (spring break) påsklov (Easter break) höstlov (autumn break) etc. At these times teaching continues as normal here at EHS. You can easily stay up-to-date with their opening times via the restaurant’s facebook page

The common area and coffee room on the upper level

In the common area there are vending machines with coffee / tea and with soft drinks / sweets. Microwave ovens are available to warm food you have brought yourself. Please note that users of the common area and coffee room are responsible for washing dishes and putting away used plates and cups.


  • Nuts: Because some students might have allergies to nuts, students are not allowed to bring nuts onto EHS premises or eat nuts there. However, sunflower seeds and almonds are allowed.
  • Perfume: You should not wear perfume or other strong scents.

Student union

The student union room is on floor 2. Opening hours are shown on the door.
For more information, see Student Union.

Mailboxes for students and teachers

Corrected assignments will be placed in students’ post boxes. Program students have individual boxes grouped by year. Students on a free-standing course share boxes by groups listed in alphabetical order. Theology students have their mailboxes to the right of the stairs on floor 2. MR (Human Rights) students have their mailboxes outside room 220 on floor 2.

The administration corridor contains mailboxes for teachers and staff. Here, messages, PMs, home exams, etc. can be delivered to the EHS staff.


  • Noticeboard in the lower foyer: Up-to-date information and news about EHS. Not intended for general display.
  • The Student Union’s noticeboard to the left of the stairs, plan 2, is divided into several parts. One side is used by the students for, for example, the sale of literature and ads for accommodation, the other is for the theology groups.
  • The noticeboard to the right after the stairs on level 2 is reserved for information directed to the students of the theological program.
  • The bulletin board on floor 2 outside room 219 is for information directed to students of the Human Rights program.
  • The bulletin board outside the disabled toilet on level 2 is for general information for students.


A parking card (P-skiva) is valid at Enskilda University College parking in Bromma. You are allowed 2 hours both in the small visitor parking and in the large parking lot. There is also a fee for parking next to EHS. Parking permits for EHS students are valid weekdays from 8am to 6pm and can be obtained from the caretaker.

Parking in Södertälje is only possible in public parking areas and drivers are responsible for the payment of the necessary parking fees. It is usually possible to park in these spaces all day.