Department of Religious Studies and Theology, Stockholm School of Theology

There are many different reasons to study religion and theology. Today, most people are aware that religion plays an important role in more or less all cultures. Whether you call yourself an atheist, agnostic, believer or something else, you understand yourself and the world better if you have a knowledge of religion.

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All people live with existential questions. Religion is a factor in all societies. Morality and ethics form the basis for our decisions on many different levels. In an increasingly globalized world, values, paradigms of thought and beliefs meet and sometimes clash. Sweden is a multicultural and multi-religious society, where religion is becoming increasingly visible. In step with new challenges, such as climate and migration, we need the skills to interpret and  analyze our contemporary situation.

At Department of Religious Studies and Theology,Stockholm School of Theology (THS) at University College Stockholm (EHS), we have the knowledge and skills to help our students to meet these challenges. We train prospective priests and pastors from various church families in theology and religious studies, as well as members of other professions. We offer an excellent study environment with committed teachers and leading researchers who offer cutting-edge expertise in church history, biblical studies, systematic theology, philosophy, ethics, religious history, religious behavioral science (sociology of religion and psychology of religion), existential public health, practical theology, human rights, religious education, voice and other speaking techniques. At Department of Religious Studies and Theology,THS you can study at any level from a single course to advanced postgraduate studies.

Department of Religious Studies and Theology

Ann-Christine Falk

Doctoral student, Pastor

Anne Sörman

Doctoral student

Anneli Winell

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer

Carl Johan Berglund

PhD, Director of Studies (on Leave of Absence), Part-Time Lecturer, Pastor.

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Carl-Magnus Carlstein

Doctoral student, Biblical Studies

Cecilia Melder

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer, Priest

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Daniel Strömner

Daniel Strömner

Program Director Theological Program – with focus on training for priesthood in Uniting Church in Sweden, PhD-student, Pastor in Uniting Church in Sweden

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Elin Lockneus

Doctoral student

Ellen Vingren

Doctoral student

Ernils Larsson

Lecturer, adjunct

Ewa Lindqvist

Doctoral student, Priest

Fredrik Seltman

Doctoral student

Frida Mannerfelt

Doctoral student

Gerard Willemsen

PhD, Adjunct

08-580 031 85

Göran Gunner

Acting president, Teol dr, Senior lecturer, Docent

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Hanna Stenström

Docent, senior lecturer, priest

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Hannah Holgersson

Speech therapist

Jessica Alm

Doctoral student

Joel Appelfelt

Doctoral student

Jonas Ideström

Dean of the Department of Religious Studies and Theology, Professor, Priest, Head of subject

Josef Forsling

Teol. dr, senior lecturer

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Joseph Sverker

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer, Head of subject

08-564 357 10

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Jörgen Thaarup

Teol. dr, Adjunct, Pastor

Lisa Plantin

Doctoral Student in Biblical Studies, adjunct, pastor

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Mark Sluys

Director of studies, Department of Religious studies and Theology

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Martin Landgren

Doctoral student, priest

Owe Kennerberg

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer, Pastor

Pernilla Myrelid

Doctoral student

Petra Carlsson

Professor, Senior lecturer, priest

08-564 357 07

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Rikard Roitto

Docent, senior lecturer

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Rune W Dahlén

Teol. dr, Adjunct, Pastor

Sara Häggström

Doctoral student

Sara Gehlin

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer, Head of subject

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Simon Hallonsten

Doctoral student

Sune Fahlgren

Docent, Senior lecturer, pastor

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Tone Stangeland Kaufman


Torbjörn Toll

Doctoral student

Tue Ravn

Doctoral student

Åke Viberg

Docent, Senior lecturer

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