Department of Eastern Christian Studies, Stockholm School of Theology

The Department of Eastern Christian Studies, Stockholm School of Theology is a place for research and teaching related to the history, theology, politics, culture and liturgy of Eastern Christianity.

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A Unique Collaboration

The Department of Eastern Christian Studies offers a unique form of education – within Sankt Ignatios College – which combines university studies and Folkhögskola in order to provide the training of Orthodox priests, deacons and parish educators.

An Unrivalled Education

At the Department students can study for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. The Department offers three master’s programs, in Eastern Christian Studies, International Relations and Ecumenism, and in Religion, Politics and Democracy. Students are taught by renowned scholars and committed teachers, who are not only experts in their fields but who are also involved in the life of the Church.

A Broader Vision

The department works toward the advancement of democratic values, freedom, justice and ecumenical relations. The Department has a strong focus on the ways in which academic study can support and encourage the development of more just and democratic structures both within the Church and in society.

Department of Eastern Christian Studies

Anne-Christine Lindvall

Deputy dean of College and the deputy dean at the Department of Eastern Christian Studies UCS

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Cyril Hovorun

Professor of Ecclesiology, International Relations and Ecumenism

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Daniel Öhrvall


Davor Džalto

Professor in Religion, Art and Democracy

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Gabriel Bar-Sawme

Doctoral student, Adjunct

Grant White

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer

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Haileyesus Alebachew

Teol.dr., Adjunct

Michael Hjälm

Dean of the Department of Eastern Christian Studies, Doctor of Theology, Senior Lecturer

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Miriam Hjälm

PhD, Senior lecturer, Campus Södertälje

08-550 980 66

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Pierre Aziz Nehme

Director of studies, Eastern Church Studies

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Rikard Roitto

Docent, senior lecturer

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Robert A Kitchen

PhD, Adjunct

Serafim Smensgård


Sofia Camnerin

Vice president and Dean of the Department of Religious Studies and Theology

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Youhanna N Youssef

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer