Susanne Wigorts Yngvesson


Professor of Ethics

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Susanne Wigorts Yngvesson is Professor of Ethics at Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockholm). Her research has mainly focused on the ethical, philosophical and theological aspects of media ethics; surveillance; rights-oriented questions about the freedom of religion and of conscience, as well as, most recently, the theological understanding of love, life and death, expressed in Swedish hymns.  While these subjects may be perceived as widely disparate, they are examined by Prof. Wigorts Yngvesson from a theological perspective that emphasizes their ethical and moral aspects. Prof. Wigorts Yngvesson has published five monographs (in Swedish): The Moral Journalist: Professional Ethics, Ideals and Virtues (2006); Afflicted by Journalism (2008); Freedom of Conscience (2016); Surveilled: People, Machines and God (2018); and All Your Grace is Open Arms: Hymns as Sung Theologies (2019). Currently, she is writing various articles on freedom of conscience, AI technology, and notions of an omnipotent and almighty God in the Church of Sweden’s hymn book.



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