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Department of Human Rights and Democracy

The School of Human Rights and Democracy at University College Stockholm is dedicated to excellence in interdisciplinary human rights and democracy education and research.

The department of Human Rights and Democracy will accept late applications.

News for autumn 2021!

The Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democracy will be given in English.

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Pioneering education in human rights and democracy

We have been offering university level courses in human rights and democracy since 1997 and are proud to prepare the next generation of experts and practitioners in these fields. Our undergraduate and graduate programs allow students to develop the necessary skills and expertise for successful careers in public administration, private companies, and non-governmental organisations.

Cutting edge research

We work everyday to engage students in the most recent developments within human rights and democracy research. The teachers in our university programs are leading experts in their fields, and publish widely on topics such as asylum, business and human rights, children’s rights, freedom of religion, the rights of indigenous peoples, post-conflict reconciliation, surveillance, and women’s rights.

An inclusive community

Located in the outskirts of Stockholm, the University College campus provides a safe haven for in-depth studies into some of the most challenging ethical, social and political questions of our times. We work everyday to create an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, belief, sexual orientation, political opinion or disability, can feel welcome and respected.

Stockholm School of Human Rights and democracy

Anna Massarsch

LL.B, Adjunct

Anneli Winell

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer

Bengt Palmgren

Doctoral student, Adjunct

Emma Sundkvist

Doctoral student

Göran Gunner

Teol dr, Senior lecturer, Docent

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Joseph Sverker

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer, Head of subject

08-564 357 10

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Karin Sundstsröm

Doctoral student, Adjunct

Linde Lindkvist

Docent, Senior lecturer, Dean of the Department of Human Rights and Democracy

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Marco Helles

Th.M., Adjunct

Maria Bexelius

Doctoral student, Adjunct

Maria Thorin

Doctoral student, Adjunct

Sara Gehlin

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer, Head of subject

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Tijana Todorovic

Director of studies, Study advisor, Department of Human Rights and Democracy, Adjunct teacher

08-564 357 04, 072-393 89 54

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Ulf Johansson Dahre

PhD, Docent