The Gospels and the Letters of Paul, Eastern Christian Linguistic Version

The course deepens the knowledge of early interpretations of Jesus, explores intertextual questions of the synoptics, provides insights into the history and theology of the Johannine movement, and examines the context and world of thought of Paul and the Pauline parishes. Emphasis is placed on the social context and literary design of the texts, as well as their various theological tendencies. Particular attention is paid to questions about the historical Jesus.

Linguistic aid:

Bible in Syriac:
The New Testament in Syriac. 2013. Published by British and Foreign Bible Society.

Bible in Greek:
The Greek New Testament. 2014. Ed. Barbara Aland. Fifth edition. Stuttgart. United Bible Societies.

Bible in Arabic:
[TBA] Excerpts of various modern and pre-modern editions and manuscripts

Bible in Coptic


Carroll, John T., 2016. Jesus and the Gospels. Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press. (307 p.)

Horrell, David G., 2015. An Introduction to the Study of Paul. T&T Clark Approaches to Biblical Studies Third Edition. London: Bloomsbury. (209 p)

Polaski, Sandra Hack, 2005. A Feminist Introduction to Paul. St. Louis, MO: Chalice Press. (122 p.)

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Carl Johan Berglund

Docent, Director of Studies (on Leave of Absence), Part-Time Lecturer, Pastor.


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  • Papers
  • Written examination

Grundläggande behörighet.
Teologi 60 hp inklusive kurserna Bibeln och religionerna 15 hp och Text, kontext och tolkning 15 hp, eller motsvarande. Språkkunskaper motsvarande två år inom östkyrkligt program vid Sankt Ignatios andliga akademi /Teologiska högskolan Stockholm.

Vid Teologiska högskolan Stockholm tillämpas obligatorisk närvaro.

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