Christians of the Middle East

The Middle East is a mosaic of three great religions. The actual tense religio-political situation is perceived as threatening to many people and religious groups. Many Christians are leaving the region. In this course we will study the religious landscape of the region with particular focus on the Christian churches in the past and present. We will also study the efforts of religious dialogue that is made. A field study is included in the course with visits to churches and areas where Middle Eastern Christians are praying and living. See below.

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Alternative in Swedish:
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Sune Fahlgren

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Godkända kurser för en kandidatexamen i teologi/religionsvetenskap, 180 hp, där minst 150 hp utgörs av teologi/religionsvetenskap eller motsvarande. Dessutom kunskaper i engelska motsvarande kraven för grundläggande behörighet.

Attendance at lectures and seminars is mandatory at Stockholm School of Theology.
The field study can take place either in churches in Stockholm or in Jerusalem, in cooperation with the Swedish Christian Study Centre (Studieförbundet Bilda). NB! If the field study takes place in Jerusalem the students have to pay a certain amount of cost (appr. SEK 7 000). For further inforamtion contact

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