Introduction to Orthodox theology

In the Introduction to Orthodox Theology program, participants join with students on the four-year Pastoral-Pedagogical Program course for their first year of studies. This is composed of university studies (30 ECTS) and folkhögskola studies (Christian/pastoral formation). In this way participants who are not yet ready or able to commit to a full bachelor’s program are able to explore the study of theology both as an academic discipline and as a way of life.

Because the studies in the program are the same as those taken by students on the four-year program, if, at the end of the year, participants wish to join the Pastoral-Pedagogical Program they are able to do so seamlessly.

Alternatively, many programs within the humanities allow for a transfer of elective credits, which means that students in certain cases can incorporate the credits acquired in this program as elective courses elsewhere.

On its own, as a one-year introduction to the study of the Eastern Christian tradition and Orthodox life and tradition, the program will deepen the participant’s knowledge and understanding and equip them to play a larger role in church life.



A = Excellent, B = Very good, C = Good, D = Satisfactory, E = Sufficient, Fx = Insufficient, F = Insufficient

Grundläggande behörighet för högskolestudier

Established by Subject Representative College at Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm on February 1, 2022.