Eastern Christian Theology – Tewahedo Orthodox

Eastern Christian Theology has developed within different communities. In the Tewahedo Orthodox community it developed in close proximity with Juadism and Ge’ez was one of first seven languages the Bible was translated in, but as an institution it developed from the dependency of the Coptic Church until the twentieth century when it gained its autocephaly. This course will introduce one of the ancient traditions and yet unknown for many.

The course literature may be subject to revision.

Isaac, Ephraim (2012) The Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahido Church. Trenton, NJ: The Red Sea Press (250p).

Gebru, Mebratus Kiros (2010) Miaphysite Christology: An Ethiopian Orthodox Perspective, Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press (210p).

Hovorun, Cyril. 2008. Will, Action and Freedom: Christological Controversies in the Seventh Century. Leiden and Boston: Brill (203 pages)
Available as eBook via EbscoHost for students and staff.

Selected primary texts in translations (200p) or in Ge’ez (100p)

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Examination Format

  • Seminars
  • Written examination

60 credits in Theology, including 30 credits from Introductory courses, and the courses Text, Context and Interpretation of life 15 credits, and History of Eastern Christianity (Intermediate level) 7,5 credits or equivalent.

Alternatively: 60 credits in Theology: Theology, introductory courses, 30 credits, the courses Text, kontext och livstolkning/Text, Context and Interpretation of life 15 credits and Teologi, religion och kyrka i Sverige/Theology, Religion and Churches in Sweden 15 hp, or eqvivalent.

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Last revised on February 22, 2017.