Bachelor's Program in Theology, Eastern Christian Studies

The Eastern Churches have taken on a greater significance in the lives of many, through their new importance and influence in a post-Communist Eastern Europe and their growing presence in Western Europe, mainly through large numbers of immigrants from traditionally Orthodox countries or regions. Understanding the Eastern Churches, their history, their beliefs and their organization and structures has never been more important. The BTh in Eastern Christian Studies provides a fascinating and timely introduction to one of the world’s largest and most significant Christian

Bachelor’s Program in Theology, Eastern Christian Studies has 5 study options available:

1. Full-time, 3 years, on-campus. Admission code: TEOK1

2. Part-time, on-campus: year 1&2 (50%), Full-time: year 3&4, on-campus. Admission code: TEOK2

3. Full-time, on-line: year 1, full-time on-campus: year 2&3, Admission code: TEOK3

4. Part-time, online: year 1 &2 (50%), Full-time, on-campus: year 3&4, Admission code: TEOK4

5. Full-time, 3 years, on-line, Admission code: TEOK5

Structure of this program
Full-time, on-line: year 1, full-time on-campus: year 2&3:
In the first-year students study a series of compulsory courses providing a rich balance of biblical, theological, historical and liturgical courses. The first year is studied on-line.
During the following two years, taught at Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockholm), Campus Bromma, students study various subjects and write a thesis on a subject chosen in collaboration with their supervisor.
Admission code: TEOK3

You can find out more about the program here.

Michael Hjälm

Head of Department of Eastern Christian Studies, Doctor of Theology, Senior Lecturer


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