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Most teachers and staff work to some extent from home. We therefore recommend that contact with teachers be made via e-mail.

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University College Stockholm
Åkeshovsvägen 29
SE-168 39 Bromma, Sweden

Plusgiro: 709499-8
Bankgiro: 5838-7184 556947-8968

Tel: +46(0)8-564 357 00
Fax: +46(0)8-564 357 06

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Anita Hansbo


Ann-Christine Falk

Doctoral student, Pastor

Anne-Christine Lindvall

Director of Studies for the Doctoral Program, PhD

Anneli Winell

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer

Bengt Palmgren

Doctoral student, Adjunct

Bjørg Farstad

Course administrator, Administrator of International exchange Programs

Bojana Bursać Džalto

Head of Communication

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Carl Johan Berglund

Docent, Director of Studies (on Leave of Absence), Part-Time Lecturer, Pastor.

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Carl-Magnus Carlstein

Doctoral student, Biblical Studies

Cecilia Melder

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer, Priest, Head of subject

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Cicci Hagevi

Uniting Church representative for students and communities

070-972 40 90

Cyril Hovorun

Professor of Ecclesiology, International Relations and Ecumenism

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Daniel Öhrvall


Daniel Strömner

Daniel Strömner

Program Director Theological Program – with focus on training for priesthood in Uniting Church in Sweden, PhD-student, Pastor in Uniting Church in Sweden

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Davor Džalto

Professor in Religion, Art and Democracy

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Elin Lockneus

Doctoral student

Ellen Vingren

Doctoral student

Emma Sundkvist

Acting Director of studies, Department of Human Rights and Democracy, PhD, adjunct teacher

Ernils Larsson

Lecturer, adjunct

Ewa Lindqvist

Doctoral student, Priest

Fredrik Seltman

Doctoral student

Frida Mannerfelt

Doctoral student

Gabriel Bar-Sawme

Teol. dr, Adjunct

Gerard Willemsen

PhD, Senior lecturer

08-580 031 85

Grant White

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer

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Göran Gunner

Acting president, Teol dr, Senior lecturer, Docent

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Habte Michael Kidane

PhD, Adjunct lecturer

Haileyesus Alebachew

Teol.dr., Adjunct

Hanna Stenström

Docent, senior lecturer, priest

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Hanna Alenius

Doctoral student

Hannah Holgersson

Speech therapist

Henrik Hannfors

Librarian, disability coordinator, system administrator, responsible for talking books and user services, safety representative

08-564 357 25

Ida Simonsson

Senior lecturer

Jenny Dobers

Chaplain for the Uniting Church in Sweden

Jessica Alm

Doctoral student

Joel Appelfelt

Doctoral student

Johan Andersson

Director of studies, Eastern Christian Studies

Johanna Ohlsson

Head of Department of Human Rights and Democracy, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Johannes Pulkkanen

PhD, Senior lecturer

Jonas Ideström

Head of Department of Religious Studies and Theology, Professor, Priest

Jonas Gehlin

THS chaplain for The Church of Sweden

070-355 96 19

Josef Forsling

Teol. dr, senior lecturer

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Joseph Sverker

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer, Head of subject

08-564 357 10

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Jörgen Thaarup

Teol. dr, Adjunct, Pastor

Katarina Fägerhall Olofsgård

Head of operational support

Linnéa Lidskog

Uniting Church representative for students and communities

08-58 00 32 25

Lisa Plantin

Doctoral Student in Biblical Studies, adjunct, pastor

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Liv Tegeman

Librarian, scientific publications, research materials coordinator, electronic resources

Marco Helles

Th.M., Adjunct

Maria Bexelius

Doctoral student, Adjunct

Maria Thorin

Doctoral student, Adjunct

Mark Sluys

Director of studies, Department of Religious studies and Theology

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Martin Landgren

Doctoral student, priest

Michael Hjälm

Head of Department of Eastern Christian Studies, Doctor of Theology, Senior Lecturer

More about Michael Hjälm

Mikael Sundkvist

PhD, Adjunct lecturer

Milutin Janjić

PhD, senior lecturer

Miriam Hjälm

PhD, Senior lecturer, Campus Södertälje

08-550 980 66

More about Miriam Hjälm

Nils Troselius

Librarian, supervisor and lecturer in information retrieval, responsible for user services

08-564 357 25

Pernilla Myrelid

Doctoral student

Petra Carlsson

Professor, Senior lecturer, priest

08-564 357 07

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Rikard Roitto

Docent, senior lecturer

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Rune W Dahlén

Teol. dr, Adjunct, Pastor

Sally Adel


Sara Häggström

Doctoral student

Sara Gehlin

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer, Head of subject

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Serafim Smensgård


Simon Hallonsten

Doctoral student

Sophia Tonneman

Communications Officer

08-564 357 02

Sune Fahlgren

Docent, Senior lecturer, pastor

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Tijana Berselius

Director of studies (on Leave of Absence), Adjunct teacher Department of Human Rights and Democracy

08-564 357 04, 072-393 89 54

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Tone Stangeland Kaufman


Torbjörn Toll

Doctoral student

Tue Ravn

Doctoral student

Ulf Johansson Dahre

PhD, Docent

Wolfgang Falk

Financial manager

Youhanna Nessim Youssef

Teol. dr, Senior lecturer

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Åke Viberg

Docent, Senior lecturer

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