Support the protest movement in Myanmar!

EHS has a long history of cooperation with the Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) in Yangon, that is now situated in a country and city that is in a state of crisis as a result of the military coup in January.

The school is closed and teachers and students are partaking in the protests against the anti-democratic forces that have taken power in the country. All normal, everyday life is put on hold and students at MIT describe the protest movement as a last chance at a democratically governed Myanmar. The military puts up a strong resistance and many deaths, injuries and arrests have taken place. To cope with this extreme situation, students at MIT are now asking us for financial help. The money will go to what is needed to survive now that schools have closed and basically no one is working.

Do you want to help? Swish any amount to 1231003532 and mark the payment with “MIT”. The number goes to Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm who will transfer the money to where its needed.

Bankgiro 5838-7184
PlusGiro Account 709499-8
Swish 123 100 35 32

Also please pray for our Christian siblings and for a peaceful solution for the whole of Myanmar.

EHS supports Myanmar Institute of Theology

Since 2002, University College Stockholm has worked closely with the Myanmar Institute of Theology, Yangon, Myanmar, and we would like to wholeheartedly express our support for our friends and colleagues in Yangon.

Read the MIT Statement (pdf)