Strategic partner

University College Stockholm is a non-profit making limited company owned by the Uniting Church in Sweden.

The Stockholm School of Theology is responsible for the training for the Uniting Church’s pastors and, in collaboration with the Uniting Church, for the continuing professional development and education of the Church’s personnel, especially within the framework of the professional skills development program (KUP). Other strategic areas for collaboration between the school and the Church are scholarly research (such as doctoral dissertations in Biblical Studies) and church development (such as church planting and church renewal projects). The school also sponsors specialised courses, seminar days and conferences. Recently, conferences and seminar days have been held on themes such as “The End of the West as we know it”, “The Dying Grain of Wheat” and “Violence within close relationships”.

The Stockholm School of Human Rights and Democracy is strategically important to the Uniting Church, which, in both its national and international work, emphasizes the importance of human rights and religious freedom. Here, too, the School collaborates with the Uniting Church arranging seminar days and specialised courses.

The Uniting Church in Sweden was founded in 2011 by the Swedish Baptist Union, the Swedish Mission Covenant Church and the Methodist Church in Sweden. For more information about the Uniting Church visit their website: