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Contemporary Theological Studies

This time that we are living through is like none that has gone before it. Globalization, digitalization, consumerism, state-of-the-art healthcare and organic and genetically modified foods are now part of our everyday lives. Old maps need to be redrawn as churches, congregations and individual Christians navigate post-secular waters. Faith & Life Publications publishes literature that seeks to provide a theological understanding of this complex contemporary context. The present is explored from the vantage point of the Bible and the riches of the Church’s tradition. In these publications we try to understand the present, find a Christian language for what is happening around us and thus identify the opportunities and pitfalls these circumstances offer.

Series editor: Sune Fahlgren
Editorial board: Joel Halldorf, Mats Carlsson, Curth Sandström, Karin Wiborn
Design: Tomas Einarsson
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Faith & Life Publications

Heliga vanor
– Långsamhetens lov i en accelererande tid

Joel Appelfeldt och Ellen Vingren (red)