Eastern Christian Studies: Information for Applicants outside EU

Non-EU applicants are invited to apply either for online bachelor’s and master’s programs organized fully or in part by the Department of Eastern Christian Studies, Stockholm School of Theology (Sankt Ignatios College), University College Stockholm or for programs that have first 60 ECTS credits organised online, i.e. during year 1 in case of full-time studies, or during year 1 and 3 in the case of part-time studies. Successful applicants can choose to continue their studies on campus after that (if the program is offered on campus) in which case students should inform the director of studies that they wish to do so before January 31th 2023.

Non-EU applicants can apply for the following programs: Bachelor’s Program in Eastern Christian Studies (program codes: TEOK3, TEOK4, TEOK5), the Master’s Program in Eastern Christian Studies, 120 ECTS credits (program code: TMESD), the Master’s Program in Internal Relations and Ecumenism, 120 ECTS credits (program code: TMIRD), and the Master’s Program in Religion Politics and Democracy, 120 ECTS credits (program code: TMRPD). Non-EU applicants can only study the one-year master’s programs (60 ECTS credits) online.