Digital Open Day

The sessions on the Digital Open Day are now available on Youtube. Find links in the program below.

EHS Digital Open Day 2023, March 29-31

Our range of courses and programs is extensive. We offer full and part time courses and programs, with both on-campus and distance learning. We have short courses and three-to-four year academic programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Choosing the right course can be a challenge!

March 29, 2023
Department of Human Rights and Democracy

  • kl. 15.00: Mänskliga rättigheter i Sverige och världen Samtal mellan Dr. Johanna Ohlsson och Dr. Emma Sundkvist. In Swedish. Watch on Youtube:
  • kl. 16.00: Why study Human Rights today? Participants: Dr. Johanna Ohlsson and Dr. Emma Sundkvist. Watch on Youtube:

March 30, 2023
Department of Eastern Christian Studies

  • kl. 14.00: What does the study of Eastern Christian Studies add to our understanding of Christianity? Group discussion with Dr. Gabriel Bar-Sawme, Dr. Grant White and Professor Samuel Rubensson. Watch on Youtube:
  • kl. 15.00: Focused presentations on some of the Eastern Christian Studies topics

“The Marian Anaphoras in the Tewahedo Church” by Dr. Habte Kidane. Watch on Youtube:

“The Ritual Dimensions of Christian Faith in Eastern Christian Traditions” by Dr. Grant White. Watch on Youtube:

“Awe and Wonder – a Theological Reading of Ephrem” by Dr. Gabriel Bar-Sawme. Watch on Youtube:

“Iconoclasm” by Professor Davor Džalto. Watch on Youtube:

”The Church in the Modern Public Square” by Professor Cyril Hovorun. Watch on Youtube:

March 31, 2023
Department of Religious Studies and Theology

  • kl. 15.00: Hur kan akademiska studier i teologi göra skillnad? Ett samtal om tidens utmaningar och vad en institution som EHS kan bidra med. Samtal mellan professorer Petra Carlsson, Joel Halldorf och Jonas Ideström. In Swedish. Watch on Youtube:
  • kl. 16.00: Att studera teologi och religionsvetenskap vid EHS – en kort introduktion till några program. Vi berättar om några av de program du kan läsa vid EHS. Samtal mellan Linnea Lidskog och Jonas Ideström. In Swedish. Watch on Youtube:  

Below you will find Youtube links to the information sessions offered during the Digital Open Day 2022.

Bachelor’s Program in Human Rights (in Swedish)
Watch on Youtube:

Master’s Program in Human Rights and Democracy (in English)
Watch on Youtube:

Masterprogram: International Relations and Ecumenism and Religion, Politics and Democracy, Department of Eastern Christian Studies (Sankt Ignatios College) (in English)
Watch on Youtube:

Theological programs:
– Specialization: Pastor in the Equmenia Church and Priest in the Church of Sweden.
– Bachelors’ Program in Theology – specialization in general religious studies and theology.
(in Swedish)
Watch on Youtube:

Pastoral-Pedagogical program, Religious Educator Program, Bachelor’s Program in Eastern Christian Studies and Master’s Program in Eastern Christian Studies, Department of Eastern Christian Studies (Sankt Ignatios College) (in English)
Watch on Youtube:

At our digital Open House, teachers and students will be available to introduce our programs and answer your questions. They can also give a clearer picture of what the different kinds of education can lead to, in the form of work, further education and research. The day will also give prospective students an insight into what it is like to study at EHS.

University College Stockholm (Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm) is one of Scandinavia’s foremost universities offering teaching and research in areas such as theology and human rights.

The Department of Human Rights and Democracy offers a comprehensive and critical analysis of the philosophy and practice of human rights both historically and contemporary.

The Department of Religious Studies and Theology and the Department of Eastern Christian Studies offer courses and programs in biblical studies and theology, church history and patristics, liturgy, worship and mission and more!

Members of the Equmenia Church, the Church of Sweden and Orthodox Churches, as well as future leaders in other churches are trained at EHS to be pastors and priests.