Bachelors’s Program in Theology – with a focus on religious studies and theology

This program provides students with a broad education in religious studies and theology which qualifies graduates for many different roles within the Church and beyond. The program seeks to understand the role of religion both as a present reality and as an historical phenomenon from many different perspectives: its cultural and social contexts; the implications of religion for groups and individuals; its manifestation within local and global settings; religion’s attitude to nature and ecology. The study or religion will also allow students to become aware of the key issues and methodologies of many other subjects such as behavioral science, history and hermeneutics.

Program director: Jonas Ideström,
Study director: Mark Sluys,

More information in Swedish is available here.

Studying theology is obviously important for future pastors, priests and religious studies teachers but it is also important for journalists, humanitarian workers and others who work with religion as a social and cultural phenomenon both in our local context and in the world at large. The study of theology and religious studies offers a broad general education which can involve the study of apocalyptic writings and traditions, behavioral and social sciences, ethical and gender issues and the meaning of spirituality and its role in church and society.

Theology thus constitutes an important starting point for the understanding of human identity and the development and nature of society. Those intending to be pastors and priests will also learn how to contextualize their theological understanding.

Why should I take this program?

Religion and theology have played an important role in all cultures. Whether you call yourself a believer, atheist, agnostic (or something else!), the study of religion will deepen your understanding of yourself and the world. For some professions a degree in religious studies and theology is a prerequisite while for most professions, knowledge of religious studies and theology is an advantage.