Leaders for a changing church – magister/master’s program

Stockholm School of Theology (THS) at EHS and Johannelund University of Theology (JTH) together offer a unique education involving training in pastoral leadership, congregational renewal work, multiculturalism, design and communication, analysis of the world around us and parish renewal.

Program director: Gustaf Björkman, EHS, gustaf.bjorkman@ehs.se
Study director: Åsa Granath, Johannelunds teologiska högskola Uppsala,
Study director: Mark Sluys, EHS, mark.sluys@ehs.se

The focus of the program is the relation of the pastoral role to the mission of the Church in today’s changing world. Pastors, priests and deacons play a key role within local congregations, equipping those congregations to serve God in new and challenging contexts. Such a role as leaders of the Church’s mission is demanding and requires a distinctive outlook and training.

Why should I take this program?

This program not only equips pastors, priests and deacons to be able to act as a leaders in situations of change but also gives them a vocational education and includes training in how to conduct and interpret research

More information in Swedish is available here