Demons and Angels: East and West

This course explores the origin, historical development and meaning of the figures of demons, devil(s), Satan, and angels. Students will learn about different sources that influenced the formation of the idea of demons and angels, and their visual representation, primarily in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Director of Studies: Johan Andersson,
Length: 1 module, 7.5 ECST Credits
Type of instruction: On-campus
Study Pace: Full-time (100 %)
Language of instruction: English
Location: Campus Södertälje
Level: University – Second cycle
How to apply? Apply through or (from March 15)

Developments in demonology and angelology are examined in connection to the process of imagining (and othering) of ethnic, racial, religious, or gender “others.” The course also explores the religious iconography of Satan, demons and angels as artistic and pop-cultural motifs, as well as into the meaning of numerical and visual symbols that are often associated with the figures of Satan and evil (most notably “666” as the “sign of the beast”).


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Cost of study

The program is tuition-free for citizens of Sweden, citizens of an EU / EEA country or of Switzerland who hold a valid Swedish residence permit. Students coming from countries other than those listed above are required to pay tuition fees. See Fees&Finance

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