Magister/Master’s program in Practical Theology with Behavioral Science

This program provides education relevant to a variety of professions which require an understanding of how religious communities see themselves and how such communities approach issues such as faith, leadership, existential wellbeing and the care and protection of their members. With the increased visibility of religious communities and their growing relevance at different levels of society, for example in social work, within religious organizations, the media and in education, such knowledge is becoming increasingly important. This education can also serve as part of vocational preparation for pastors, priests and teachers.

Why should I take this program?

This program combines theoretical and practical perspectives of human rights and democracy and provides knowledge and skills relevant to various professional roles in society, for example in churches, religious organizations, NGOs, the media and education. It also provides a platform to go on to postgraduate education.

Program director: Jonas Ideström,
Director of studies: Mark Sluys,
More information in Swedish is available here