Thomas Okodi

Name of the project/report:
Civil and Political Rights in Rwanda (Freedom of Expression and Association)

Tell us about the report and why did you choose to write about this subject?
The report is extremely informative in that it examines Rwanda’s numerous human rights challenges, including civil and political rights. The report also outlined continuing government attempts to address these concerns, as well as recommending further areas for improvement. First, the team decided on Rwanda as our target country, and throughout our study, we learned that the country has received a lot of criticism from the international community over unresolved civil and political rights issues.

Did you work in team or independently?
I worked in a team.

How was it to work in a team environment?
Given our diverse perspectives, it was a bit challenging; nonetheless, it allowed us to learn from one another and has aided in the development of team management skill.

What was challenging in the process of writing the report?
Alignment of different views, time constraints, inability to gather as much interview subjects for the report

What skills and experiences from previous courses in human rights where helpful during your work with the report?
The Human Rights and Democracy, Legal Perspective course gave an insight and taught me how to examine how legal issues are addressed through international laws and conventions, and how these laws are applied in individual regions and countries.

What skills an experiences from this course could help you in the future?
This course has helped me in varied ways most specific are my report writing skills, teamwork and research skills