Sara Lindh

Name of the project/report:
Women’s Health: The Delivery Ward in Stockholm

Tell us about the report and why did you choose to write about this subject?
We wrote about the delivery ward in Sweden and how it connects to the right to the right to health in ICESC and CEDAW. We chose the topic because it felt relevant due to the demonstrations that broke out during the fall 2021.

Did you work in team or independently?
I worked in a team.

How was it to work in a team environment?
It was okay – most of us participated and shared the labour, while one tended to do less. I think there were too many members in our group – it would have been easier to collaborate in a smaller group.

What was challenging in the process of writing the report?
The challenging part was for us to find participants to our interviews in time. We had a lot to do at the end of the project.

What skills and experiences from previous courses in human rights where helpful during your work with the report?
It was helpful to get a the theoretical legal framework of human rights.

What skills an experiences from this course could help you in the future?
To work in a group. To have the knowledge from how one writes a HR-report and how it differs from academic reports.