Maria Kjellgren

Name of the project/report: The Compulsory Hijab in Iran

Tell us about the report and why did you choose to write about this subject?
We chose to write about the compulsory hijab in Iran after pinpointing our areas of interests and one in which we had in common was women’s rights and after that, Iran was chosen as the country of focus.

Did you work in team or independently?

How was it to work in a team environment?
It was enriching as everyone had different knowledge and insight and different perspectives.

What was challenging in the process of writing the report?
Structure planning and restructure planning in real time, when you have so many pages and many weeks of time ahead you have to be very structured.

What skills and experiences from previous courses in human rights where helpful during your work with the report?
I would say that almost all courses have been helpful because writing a report on a human rights issue first and foremost requires authors to have knowledge of human rights and all the previous courses have provided us students with that.

What skills an experiences from this course could help you in the future?
Constructing a report from start to finish; corroborating information found online; interview techniques and important principles and thoughts to have with you while interviewing that makes the entire process easier.