Gisele Follyvi

Name of the project/report:
Civil and Political rights in Rwanda (Freedom of Expression and Association)

Tell us about the report and why did you choose to write about this subject?
The report focuses on the Rwandan government’s adherence to international, regional, and domestic human rights laws governing freedom of association and expression. It sheds light on human rights issues in the country, particularly those concerning freedom of association and expression.

When we decided to do a human rights report on Rwanda, our research revealed that the country has severe issues with civil and political rights. As a result, we’ve decided to shed a light on those specific issues. The reports provided us with new perspectives, and I learned a lot during the research.

Did you work in team or independently?
We worked in a group of four but ended up with three due to some issues with one of the members.

How was it to work in a team environment?
It was difficult because everyone has different opinions, but with the exception of one member, we learned to communicate better in order to work together.

What was challenging in the process of writing the report?
It was difficult to determine what information was important to include in the report, and the research did not always yield the results we desired. Putting everything together was also difficult, but I think we did a great job in the end. It was also difficult to locate interview subjects for the report, so we had to rely on secondary sources.

What skills and experiences from previous courses in human rights where helpful during your work with the report?
I believe the course on Legal Perspectives on Human Rights and Democracy aided us in understanding which international conventions and regional laws to focus on, as well as how to analyze different laws in relation to human rights.

What skills and experiences from this course could help you in the future?
I believe I have grown as a person in terms of leadership skills since I was the group leader, something I have not done in the same way before and which will be useful in the future. I’ve also learned how valuable everyone’s opinion can be, and how good communication can help when everyone has a different point of view. Working as a team, rather than as an individual, is also essential for a successful outcome.