Magister-Master’s program in theology with a focus on Church history

Program director: Joseph Sverker,
Study director: Mark Sluys,
More information in Swedish is available here (in Swedish).


Church history is an important starting point not only for understanding the Church’s life and development but also the society in which the Church operates. Christian communities have for a long time played an influential role in Swedish society and without a knowledge of that history we fail to truly understand our society and culture. In other words, a good understanding of the Church’s identity, organization, activities and social relations at different levels of society throughout history, will also help us to understand our social and cultural situation today.

Why should I take this program?

The program is not only an essential prerequisite for further postgraduate work but is also relevant to many professional roles in society, for example in churches, religious organizations, social and international work, the media and in education. A magister’s / master’s degree in Church history is also a meaningful training for those who want to develop their ability to work critically, independently and creatively with theological and historical issues, approached from different perspectives.