Magister-Master’s program in Theology with a focus on Biblical Studies

The magister/master’s program in biblical studies offers an opportunity for in-depth study of both the Old and New Testaments. As well as taking exegetical and thematic courses, students develop a thorough understanding of the nature of scholarly theory and methods. They also write a dissertation in which the employ their exegetical and theoretical understanding on a specific biblical text or issue. In examining the dissertation, great emphasis is placed on theoretical awareness and the ability for critical analysis.

Program director: Åke Viberg
Study director: Mark Sluys mark.sluys@adriana-baraehs-se
More information in Swedish is available here.

Why should I take this program?

Studying biblical texts in their original context and the ways in which they have since been used and interpreted, helps us to understand the character and significance of these texts. Such understanding has a profound bearing on issues such as Judeo-Christian relations.